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GADS Youth Workshop 2021


The Rocky Monster Show
by Malcolm Sircom

To support this Workshop, we are delighted
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Workshop week
2 to 7 August 2021
Gosforth Public Hall

The workshop began on Mon 2nd Aug and ran from 10 am to 4 pm daily, Monday to Friday. The workshop was open to anyone aged 8 - 18 at the start of the week, with a maximum of 24 participants and as many adult helpers as we could bribe to come along.  After a successful week and no Covid pings, the performance on Saturday evening started at 6pm.
Unlike previous years, this show was
It was only open to participants' families and other GADS members, by (free) ticket.

Monday 2 August 2021

What an amazing first day we had. We jumped straight in with some games to learn some names - with so many participants and new faces it was quite a challenge. But we are not ones to shy away, and we had most names learnt by toast time. After our first break we handed out scripts and did our first read through, with everyone having a go at reading something out loud. It’s a great script, with some very funny (and not-so-funny) jokes, as well as some fun musical numbers. We broke at the end of act one for lunch, before getting straight back into act two and asking participants which parts they liked the looks of. They had some very strong requests for parts, and while Tosh got to casting the show, Peter and Mary ran a very energetic (and loud!) game of Zip, Zap, Boing. After parts were handed out, we finished the day with some focus and team building games.We taxed brains by playing Ring of Hands, worked together on a Newspaper Race, and finally made silly combinations of Body Parts. Everyone was tired come four o’clock, but with a good night’s rest we’ll be back to it tomorrow. Homework was set to highlight lines and check what scenes they were in. Tuesday morning was to start with lots of singing and line running, so the hard work could been in earnest!


Something new - just for a bit of fun. You can see the whole 6 hour day in just 3 minutes
No wonder they get tired out .......

Day 1 in 3 minutes

Tuesday 3 August 2021

What a packed day today! We managed to get a LOT of stuff done today. The morning was focused on singing - we did a quick vocal warmup around the piano, then sang through the ENTIRE SHOW! Not bad considering they had only heard the songs once yesterday. After a hard earned toast break we had a brief but very important discussion about scenery. With so little time, we have to use as much as we can from old pantomimes. The group decided on which cloths they wanted to use as they are, and which ones we would repaint tomorrow. Then we split up - Tosh took the majority of the cast to learn the opening song and dance, Mary took a few helpers to begin the hard work of choosing costume, while Jim and Peter took Callum to start finding props. By lunchtime we had all achieved a lot! After lunch it was more singing, more costume, more dancing, more acting - more of everything! The group chose which sound effects they wanted from our library, then there was time for a few quick games before home time. We should all sleep well tonight!  

Day 2 in 3 minutes

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Another non-stop working day for everyone. While the kids started off with some games to warm up, the adults built the hard set on the stage. Then the painting began - two cloths had to be modified with some things added and some things taken away while our costume team worked away upstairs ensuring everyone was fully kitted out with everything they might need. Everyone was so involved in their tasks we didn’t even have a toast break! We couldn’t have lunch before the hall was tidy, so a mammoth effort was made to ensure as many brushes, pots and stirrers were clean before we had something to eat. The afternoon was back on stage - running through songs and dances from yesterday, as well as blocking all - that’s right, you heard correctly, ALL - of act two. We even had time to go through some important information about props and remaining costumes. Can you believe we also had time for a silly game at the end of the day? If the kids don’t sleep well tonight, the adults won’t understand it - we certainly will!

Day 3 in 3 minutes

Thursday 5 August 2021

The week is going well but my goodness are the adults tired today! They made sure the curtains - now dry after lying in the hall all night - were hung while the performers warmed themselves up with some games. Then the hard work began and we ran act one. There were some gaps and quiet moments, as well as a few scenes that hadn’t been blocked yet, but for a first run it could have been a lot worse! When it was done the group split up to work on different things - Peter took some actors away to work with, Mary took some singers upstairs, Jim ran a masterclass with the backstage crew, and Tosh finished the last few scenes of the act. Then it was a hard earned lunch! After which we did it all again - a little more time working on key scenes, then a run of act two. The performers got more and more confident as the day went on, and more than a few were off script. We finished just in time for a quick tidy up before everyone went home. Except the adults - we stayed for a bit longer to set the lights. With only one day left, the pressure is really on and everyone is feeling it. Here’s to a relaxing night before another hard day!

Day 4 in 3 minutes

Friday 6 August 2021

What a week. It’s been both a blur and the longest week ever, but we think it’s safe to say it’s been great fun for everyone. Today was hard work but very successful. We began the day with lots of ‘bits’ - songs and scenes that needed a little fine tuning and finishing. Then - after tea and toast, of course - it was time for the dress rehearsal. Everyone worked hard to support each other and it went (mostly) very well. Considering the group have had only four days rehearsal, we were very proud of all they did. The last thing we did was a ‘cue-to-cue’, a very slow and boring process for the actors but very valuable for the tech and backstage crew. We finished just in time for a final pep talk, then it was home for a good night’s rest. No matter how it goes, everyone should be proud of the work they have put in.

Day 5 in 3 minutes

Saturday 7 August 2021

After a very busy and tiring week, the participants had a day off on Saturday but no doubt used some of the time for some last minute line revision. They were back in the Hall by 5pm, the doors opened at 5:30pm and we welcomed an audience of around 65 - family, friends and GADS members. What followed between 6 and 7:30 was a truly spectacular show. They were brilliant and totally deserved the roof raising applause at the end of the show. Well done everyone.
The performance was filmed for us by Terry Wake from Aerosnapper Media - Thank you so much (once again) Terry.


We love getting feedback after these shows, especially when it's this good.
These comments are from some of the participants and parents.


J and E are really enjoying it, and E and L were practising the singing tonight for me, each trying to be the loudest so hopefully big voices tomorrow! Thanks for giving them a fun week (and tiring them out!) They’ve loved the whole experience and the play was fantastic. My feedback is only positive, I think it all worked really well, giving them the opportunity to be involved with every aspect-the scenery, the sound effects as well as doing the singing, dancing, makeup, costumes they’ve really felt a part of it all. Them being able to mix with a group of different ages is great too. (Parent)

What was the best bit? J said he loved it all and E said everything! (Participants)

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in this week's production, it was fabulous, I can't believe what you pulled of in a week. C has had a brilliant week and come home tired but excited everyday. Everyone's time and effort was amazing, thanks again. (Parent)

Thank you so much for last week. The boys enjoyed their time so much and equally as parents was so enjoyable and what was achieved in a few days was amazing. Both asking when they can attend again. Again thank you for the team taking time out to support GADS. (Parent)

I had a really great time at GADS,  it was fun and I learnt a lot about putting on a production. I enjoyed seeing people I knew and getting to know others. I liked that this years performance  was a musical, but I would have liked the opportunity to choreograph some of the dances ourselves. The teachers were great, they were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I'm looking forward to going back next time. (Participant)

Another fantastic Summer Workshop. The play they put on at the end of the week always amazes me, they achieve so much in 5 days, its a credit to all that run the workshop. (Parent)

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at GADS summer school. Being in a play was SO fun. I can’t wait to do it again. The only negative was that I didn’t get a very big part. (Participant)

Our daughter really enjoyed it, there was lots of varied things to do, not just acting and everyone was really nice. In fact it's the first summer school she's been to that she enjoyed. She can't wait to come again.  Thanks to all those that helped make it happen. (Parent)

Just wanted to let you know that L absolutely loved the workshop last week, he hasn't stopped talking about it!  Thank you. He wants to continue participating in anything he is eligible for. (Parent)

The week was enjoyable and exciting (Participant)

Amazing what the kids can do in 5 days great performance on Saturday. Thank you to all involved (Parent)

Brilliant! J has enjoyed the workshop week enormously. She worked really hard to learn her lines and she came home full of happy smiles and stories of the hard work and achievements of the days. Seeing the show was truly amazing. What you all did in 5 days was genuinely amazing. (Parent)

F A N T A S T I C!!  I loved it!!  Everyone was super friendly and it was really fun.  I loved the friendly teamwork.  I enjoyed playing a big part, and thank you for getting round my singing solos.  Thank you!! (Participant)

I really enjoyed GADS summer workshop, I liked the way the parts were given out. I liked the games we played especially Cross the Golden River. I thought the snacks were good and it was great to walk to the shops and bakery at lunchtime. I was really pleased to have the opportunity to help with the wardrobe and costumes. (Participant)

GADS was amazing, it was my first time but I'd like to go back next year. I liked the dancing. I would make a poster that says "Silence backstage". It was the biggest script I've ever done, it was challenging but fun. (Participant)

I have throughly enjoyed it. Best week ever. (Participant)

There are many, many positives. Mostly it was a brilliant week to make friends, try new skills, become part of a production and feel proud for taking part.  I was glad to get him off screens for a while. I enjoyed hearing the buzz in the car on the way home of him telling me of all the things he’d done that day. He was bubbling with joy and energy. Absolutely brilliant thanks to all the hard working adults that made it possible. (Parent)



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