GADS Youth Workshop 2017 - GADS Gosforth

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GADS Youth Workshop 2017

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GADS Youth Theatre Workshop - August 2017


GADS are pleased to acknowledge a
grant to support this workshop from the
Stobbart Group Grassroots Grants Fund
via the Cumbria Community Foundation


There are now very few places left on this workshop, and we were delighted to see some new faces at our introductory session.
For those signed up, don't forget your registration and membership forms if you haven't completed them already. And don't forget your lunch!


Workshop week
7 to 12 August 2017
Gosforth Public Hall

The workshop will begin on Mon 7th Aug and will run from 10am to 4pm daily.
It will be open to anyone aged 8 - 18 at the start of the week.
Hopefully there will be a show at the end of the week on Sat 12 August.
This is mainly for friends and family, but will also be open to the general public.

Day 1 - Monday 7 August 2017

A day by day account of the workshop week will appear here.
Hopefully updated daily as the week progresses.

This is how the week will start.
Watch the transformation as the week progresses.

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