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GADS Youth Workshop 2015


A musical by Malcolm Sircom

GADS are pleased to acknowledge a grant to support this workshop
from the Cumberland Building Society Charitable Foundation,
via the Cumbria Community Foundation.

Workshop week
17 to 21 August 2015
Gosforth Public Hall

The workshop began on Monday 17th August and was open to anyone aged 8 years or older at the start of the week.  There was a performance of the musical "Olivia" at the end of the week on Sat 22 August, which was open to the general public.

Day 1 - Monday 17 August 2015.

There is never very much to see on day 1 as we really do start with a blank stage and hall.  We began with a few games to get to know each other and it was really good to welcome so many new faces.  After our famous break for toast, singing practice rounded off the morning and in the afternoon all the parts were allocated.  Everyone seemed pretty happy - smaller parts for the less experienced newcomers and larger parts for the old (young) hands.  We also made a start sorting out scenery.  This one is quite demanding, so we are trying our best to re-use scenery that we've already got.  There won't be a lot of time to paint all new back cloths.

Day 2 - Tuesday 18 August 2015.

What progress after 2 days.  Many know many of their many lines.  Lots of costumes tried on and chosen - although they all escaped the camera. Many posters drawn up and ready for display in a shop window near you.  Lots more dancing practice and a run through of the play.  In the afternoon we learned about painting, chose our back cloths and decided how to modify them - if only there is time to do it all.  We also made a start on the painting and got a bit messy.  We even cleaned out the paint brushes and left the hall fairly tidy.  Can the good work continue into day 3?  Of course it can, it's fun.

Day 3 - Wednesday 19 August 2015.

Today we hung two of our back cloths after they dried overnight and set out the final two for painting this afternoon.  More rehearsals, more lines, more singing, more toast, more dancing, more costumes, more toast - in fact more of everything.  Some costume even ended up in photographs.  
Props and stage furniture are also being asembled.  We designed a picture for the front of the programme and we also learned about lights and sound.  Seek out the light and if we can't see the audience, they can't see us (and that's not good, especially when we are speaking).  And project those voices to the back of the hall - although some are naturally loud .....

Day 4 - Thursday 20 August 2015.

Our first full run through without scripts showed that not everyone knew all of their lines as well as they thought.  But no problem - the dress rehearsal isn't until tomorrow morning, so plenty of time by our measures of achievement.  We just about had time for toast (as if we would miss that) but we didn't have time for football at lunchtime.  All the stage furniture is just about ready now and all of the back cloths are painted. Just about all the props are also gathered and we tried make-up in the afternoon.  We also have a programme which is just about finished.  And best of all we had two brilliant sets of GCSE results, so congratulations to Megan and Emily.

Day 5 - Friday 21 August 2015.

Our final day before the big show tomorrow.  We began with a full dress rehearsal which started very well but wasn't brilliant.  That lasted all morning (no toast!) and after lunch we ran through all the songs again - much better and promising for a good show tomorrow.  But that wasn't the end of it - we had to clear the hall and set out the chairs ready for the performance.  So we can all have a well deserved day off tomorrow, re-charge the batteries, learn those last few shakey lines and get ready to shine.
The cast need to arrive at 5:30pm, doors open at 6pm, show starts at 6:30pm and there will be a little party afterwards to unwind.

Day 6 - Saturday
22 August 2015.

A well deserved day off, an early evening arrival and into costume and make-up for the show.  We had nearly a full house and the audience were teriffic.  The performance was excellent and the only problem was going to be nominating the star of the show.  But in the end it was easy - there were 21 of them.  Everyone had a fantastic time, and there was the customary party afterwards.  Food and juice, aborted hide and seek, and human pyramids.  Not sure what happened to the dancing competition - maybe we just couldn't find the right music.  Never mind.  All cleared away now and ready for pantomime in a few months.  The end of a brilliant week.


Feedback from some of the parents and participants


The show at the end of the week was a great success, made all the more remarkable by the fact that the cast and all the props and scenery were assembled and prepared within a week. The quality of the finished production was a tribute to all involved. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her part in the show and the preparation during the week and judging by the atmosphere after the show, so did everyone else.

The week was really enjoyable. I learned lots of techniques and skills. Can't wait till next years workshop.

The Workshop provides a wonderful experience for local youngsters and offers a really good focus to bring together children from several villages and surrounds, to work together, discovering their talents both on and off the stage.  The young Director, Musical Director and Choreographer are all very talented individuals, who inspired the Workshop participants and made the whole week great fun for all.

We are new to the GADS experience and were impressed by the achievements of the children within a week and the fun they had along the way. Our daughter says she was a bit worried at first because she didn't know anyone, but that they soon started working as a team. She says she really had fun and definitely would go again.

It is  amazing how much the kids progress year on year.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her week and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. As usual the children surprised me with their ability to get up and perform in front of people and their enjoyment in performing is a joy to see.

And from Musicline - the publishers:
Olivia is one of our more challenging works so to put it on in a week I'm very impressed, and that's very impressive for the 3 young organisers - they should be proud.



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