GADS Youth Workshop 2014 - GADS Gosforth

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GADS Youth Workshop 2014


Robin Hood & Friends
A musical by Debbie Campbell

GADS are pleased to acknowledge a community grant from
Cumbria County Council to support this project

Workshop week
4 to 9 August 2014
Gosforth Public Hall

The workshop began on Monday, 4th August, and ran each day of that week from 10 am to 4 pm.
It was open to anyone aged 8 years or older at the start of the week.
These workshops are very popular and great fun for everyone - helpers and participants.

Day 1 - Monday 4 August

The canvas is blank, but we have chosen the show and allocated the parts. Dancing rehearsals are well underway and lines are being learned. Scenery is being designed and painting should begin tomorrow. Not much to photograph so far, but lots of toast, biscuits and cakes have been eaten ........

Day 2 - Tuesday 5 August

A busy day. Costumes are just about fitted out and Prince John is learning how to really celebrate. We have learned about publicity and designed posters - look out for one in your local shop or on the hall notice board.  We have also learned about lighting and sound, so you should be able to see us and hear us all when you come to the show. Lots more singing and dancing practice (thanks Emily).  The backcloth for Sherwood Forest has been designed, outlined and we have started painting it.  The adults are extremely envious of the participants' ability to learn lines - and pretty much anything else - young minds really do put us to shame.

Day 3 - Wednesday 6 August

Where are those scripts? Very few on show today and those will be gone tomorrow. A straight run through from the beginning in excellent time - characters beginning to come alive and take shape. This afternoon the singing was superb during an impromptu music rehearsal with our musical director in charge. Bridget gave a very good outline of what has to be done by everyone front of house and hopefully more ideas about programmes will appear tomorrow. Scenery is well on the way and (adults please note) the hall floor is still clean, the paint brushes and rollers are beautifully washed and the sinks were cleaned down thanks to two of the youngest members of cast.

Day 4 - Thursday 7 August

A very productive day with an eerily quiet morning.  We spent some time learning about stage make-up while some of the adults messed about climbing ladders to set lights and scenery.  Then we ran through the whole show twice with hardly a script in sight, but we did pull some funny faces.  Lots more painting and Sherwood Forest is now hanging in place and looking good.  Even more painting tomorrow, but we should be good for our dress rehearsal.  Only one day to go and the only panic is the rush for toast ………

Day 5 - Friday 8 August

The week has flown by, but it's fair to say that everyone involved has had a great time.  There was a costume rehearsal this morning and a full dress rehearsal this afternoon.  The set is almost finished, with just a little more painting to do - wet paint on stage isn't a good idea during a dress rehearsal.  And just when we thought we had done everything, there was all the tidying up to do: paint tins to put away, a floor to sweep and chairs to set out for Saturday night.  But it's all done - no need for any more rehearsals on Saturday, so everyone gets a well deserved day off and rest.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday night for an action packed singalong fun show.

Day 6 - Saturday 9 August

Everyone had a well deserved day off to re-charge their batteries before the evening show.  We were honoured that the Mayor of Copeland, Eileen Eastwood, opened the performance.  Speaking to the children beforehand, the Mayor learned exactly how hard the participants had been working and opening the performance the Mayor said that it was so important for children to be given opportunities like this and it was a great experience bringing them together.

Did we all have a good week, or what?

Showtime - 7:00 pm

The highlight at the end of the week was a show for parents and friends on the Saturday evening.  And yes, it was open to the general public too.  And there was a bit of a party afterwards for the participants.


Feedback from some of the parents and participants


She enjoyed all aspects of the week, especially meeting new people and the challenge of creating a good enough team to produce a good play.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone.

The confidence it gave them as well as a sense of achievement because the whole production was of their making as a team is priceless.

My two daughters enjoyed every minute of it and didn't want it to end.

I would like to do the workshop next year as this year was so successful and I enjoyed learning about the different skills and techniques and of course how to act.

They got many things out of the workshop:  team working, confidence etc.



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