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Sources of inspiration - with links to their websites

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This is really a reference page for our own use, but all are welcome.
To visit a site, just click on the relevant logo.


At the top of our list after 6 exceptionally successful pantomimes.
Alan's Jack and the Beanstalk in 2015 was one of our funniest, most enjoyable and successful pantomimes for many years.  So good that we followed it with Aladdin in Jan 2016, Dick Whittington in Jan 2017, Sleeping Beauty in 2018 and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 2020. Most recently, Cinderella in 2023 broke just about every record we've got. Panto scripts don't get much better than this.


Tom Whalley is another of our favourite Pantomime authors since his Alice in Wonderland was such a success for us in 2019. We came back for more in 2022 when Beauty and the Beast was equally brilliant.  For those with good memories, Tom directed our 2008 Summer Workshop production of "John Diamond", by Mark Rudd.


Alex Jackson was a new author to us in 2024 when we performed "Once Upon A Time In Pantoland". It may not be a title you know, but it was one of our most successful pantomime ever so pretty darned good.


Theatrfolk are a great resource provider for schools and teaching - especially drama teachers - covering all age ranges.
We have used "Circus Olympus" and "Scenes from a Quarantine" for our Summer Youth Workshops.


A great selection of musicals - ideal for youngsters. Our Summer Workshops "Olivia" and "The Rocky Monster Show" are good examples. Also such offerings as "Pirates of the Curry Bean" and "Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies".


More Musicals for school age youngsters from Debbie Campbell.
"Robin Hood and Friends" is one that we have used for a Summer Youth Workshop.


We have used Concord Theatricals for so many scripts - for Plays and Musicals.
Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Sheila's Island .......


Samuel French and Joseph Weinberger are two of the largest and best suppliers of scripts and performance licences for all types of play.
We have used both - many times.


Samuel French and Joseph Weinberger are two of the largest and best suppliers of scripts and performance licences for all types of play.
We have used both - many times.


A growing catalogue of Plays, Musicals and Pantomimes. Plays include "A Little Box of Oblivion" - our summer 2016 play for Theatre on the Lawn at Muncaster Castle.


The National Operatic and Dramatic Association.
Resources for all including full scripts to view and read in full.


If you are choosing a pantomime script, you want it to make you laugh out loud - and you probably also want it to be traditional. But you also want it to have a modern feel with a few surprises along the way - and that's what Ben Crocker offers. Traditional panto scripts which are funny, fresh and bang up to date.


Drama Groups provide so much more than scripts - advice, articles and opportunities to swap resources like scripts, music, costume, set and props.  They are such nice folk that they will even advertise your show for you. Worth a vist, whatever your needs.


An amalgamation of, and
Stage plays, scripts, sketches, pantos and monologues for Amateur and Professional Theatre, covering all 3 genres.


Cressrelles offer every type of play, from short pieces, to one-acts, full length plays and pantomimes, for all-women, mixed and youth casts.


A bookstore of scripts for pantomimes and plays. With one-act-plays, plays for schools and children's theatre groups and panto scripts all on line.


An exciting range of panto scripts both traditional and new, many with original storylines and twists. GADS "Beauty and the Beast" in 2011 came from Limelight.


Shows that follow the tried and tested plots and classic story lines that everyone knows and loves. Stories that have been around for years and years but kept up to date with new and interesting gags and routines. There are plenty of scripts and stage notes to sample.


Our only link from across the big Atlantic pond, but for something different ..........



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