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More about the characters and auditions

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GADS Spring Play 2020
Dead Man's Cell Phone
by Sarah Ruhl

Here you will find more information about the characters in our play.
If you want to audition, please download one of these forms,
fill it in and bring it with you to an audition.


The Characters

A woman, Jean - meek, insular, and small, an easily fascinated woman who creates stories out of thin air. Playing age 20-40.

A dead man, Gordon - a dead man who left behind many loose ends, self-assured and confident. One very large monologue. Playing age 20-40.

Gordon’s mother, Mrs. Gottlieb - fiercely dominant, blunt, strong-willed and opinionated with a tender side. Playing age 55-65.

Gordon’s widow, Hermia - a small part. Fiery and strong, with resentment over a loveless marriage that has left her prone to bitter resentment and jealousy. Playing age 20-40.

Gordon’s brother, Dwight - not his mother’s favourite son. Soft, romantic, appreciative of beauty, poetry, and life. Playing age 20-40.

The other woman/the stranger - one scene each. Sultry, dangerous and mysterious. Small amount of line. Possible fight scene. The stranger has a foreign accent, possibly Eastern European. Playing age 20-40.


Rehearsal Schedule

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