Our pantomime for Jan 2020 - GADS Gosforth

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Our pantomime for Jan 2020

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Written by
Alan Frayn

Directed by
Karen Polmear

Gosforth Public Hall

Wed 22 Jan
Sat 25 Jan


by arrangement with
Stage Right Creative Ltd

Watch our Trailer on YouTube

Watch the Trailer on youtube

We would like to thank all of our helpers, sponsors, supporters and those who have donated raffle prizes.


Most of you will be familiar with the Disney version of Snow White from 1937 but the original story written by the Grimm brothers in 1812 was based on an old folklore going back to the 15th century. The name Snow White came from the queen. She pricked her finger while sewing and a drop of blood fell on some snow on a black ebony window sill. She was longing for a child and said that she wished for one with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. Her child was born and she called her Snow White - fortunately for us as Blood Red or Ebony Black just don’t sound the same, do they?

Sadly the queen died soon after the birth and the king married a very beautiful but vain and cruel woman. The new queen dabbled in Black Magic and had a magic mirror. The classic words "Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all" come from the original story. The mirror always answered that the queen was the fairest until Snow White reached the age of only 7 when the mirror named Snow White as the fairest. The Queen was enraged and over the years this anger built up until she decided to get her henchman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart and tongue as proof.

The reluctant henchman told Snow White to run away, then killed a boar and took the heart and tongue back to the Queen. Snow White eventually found herself at a small cottage with 7 bowls of soup, 7 pieces of bread, 7 bowls of porridge and 7 small beds. Snow White took a small bit of food from each place setting, tried all the beds and found one that was comfortable to fall asleep in (now that sounds familiar). The dwarfs discover her and she agrees to become their housekeeper.


The Queen discovers through the mirror that Snow White is still alive and decides to get rid of her herself. She has 3 attempts: a corset that she ties too tight, a poisoned comb and a poisoned apple. The poisoned apple succeeds and the dwarfs mourn her. After 3 days they decide that they can’t bury her as she still looks so beautiful. They build a glass casket, put her in it and one of them guards her in the forest. A prince rides through the forest (as they do), sees Snow White and falls in love with her. The dwarfs agree that he can take her away. On the journey Snow White is jolted, the piece of apple is dislodged and hey presto! Snow White is alive again. They agree to marry and invitations are sent out to all the kingdoms.

The Queen gets her invitation and is going to the wedding when she finds out from the mirror that Snow White is the bride. She is incandescent with rage when she arrives at the wedding. When the prince finds out who she is, he orders that a pair of red hot cast iron shoes be put on her feet. The pain causes her to dance until she dies. At that moment her mirror breaks and her kingdom is no more. Needless to say the Snow White and her prince live happily ever after.

In the original tale, the dwarfs were not given names. They were first named in a 1912 Broadway production - Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick and Quee. In 1937, the Disney adaptation gave them the names we remember today - Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy. However, these Disney Dwarf names are copyrighted and cannot be used - hence the continual variety of dwarf names in modern Pantomime.

Our tale vaguely resembles the original plot, in that we have a Snow White, Seven Dwarfs, an evil Queen with a talking mirror and a charming Prince. After that, any similarity is purely coincidental but it's a jolly good laugh so just come along and have some fun. Red hot cast iron shoes just cannot get through a risk assessment these days so any chance of seeing them is minimal.


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