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Organisation - how we are organised

About GADS

Gosforth Amateur Dramatic Society is run by two committees, both elected at the annual general meeting,
which is usually held during the first week of May each year.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee looks after the general administration of the society’s affairs and finances. It consists of the president, chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and four ordinary members, plus the leader of the Reading Committee if he or she is not already a member of the Executive Committee. All posts are honorary and only the nine elected members have voting rights. Additional members may be co-opted as required. One member is appointed to the Public Hall Management Committee to represent the society’s interests.

Executive Committee Members for 2018/19 are
Honorary President - John Larkham
Chair - Karen Polmear
Vice Chair - Andy Williams
Secretary - Natasha McGregor
Treasurer - Jim Polmear
Ordinary Members:
Pete Cook, David Rounce,
Caia van den Elzen, Jude Wildwood
(+ Chair of Reading Committee)

The Reading Committee

The Reading Committee consists of five members whose duty it is to read and select plays and pantomimes for performance by the society. Their chosen leader automatically becomes a full member of the Executive Committee and acts as a communication channel between the two committees. The chairman of the Executive Committee is also an ex-officio member of the Reading Committee.


The full rules of the society are set out in the constitution, which can be found  here.

Reading Committee Members for 2018/19 are

Samantha Dever, David Rounce,
Caia van den Elzen, V Fulker,
Natasha McGregor
(+ Chair of Exec Committee).

Other relevant posts
John and Lorrie Larkham are members of
the Cumbria Drama Festival Committee.
Jim Polmear is Public Hall Committee representative.
Lorrie Larkham is our Safeguarding Officer.


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