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GADS Youth Theatre 2015 to 2021

Youth Theatre

A record of Youth Theatre Group activities from
its formation in November 2015 to 2021

Our Youth Theatre Group paused for a few months
while we staged our Pantomime and the musical Oliver!
But it resumed in late 2022 for more sessions.


Some success - we managed to run our week long Summer Youth Workshop in August 2021 - and it was brilliant.


After a very long break, we resumed on 20 May 2021 and managed to keep going for about a month!
It was so good to get back together again, meet up with our old friends and welcome a few new members.


We ended the 2019 Summer Term with a performance of some pieces inspired by Romeo and Juliet.
Here we are rehearsing on 4 July with some more pics from the showcase on 11 July 2019.


The session at the end of April 2019 was one of the best yet and totally packed with action. After warm-up games and a short creative exercise, we started on the main business of the evening - Stage Combat.
The first and most important part was a safety briefing and learning how to fall. After that, the real fun started. Kicks, punches, strangling and hair pulling - they were all there. Everyone had great fun (as can be seen by some of the smiles and laughter of those being attacked!) and no accidents - so perfect.
And as we stressed many times in the session - PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Save it for future sessions under proper supervision.  The single negative of the evening? There was so much action that a lot of the photos are a bit blurred, but you will get the drift.


Our last session of the Spring Term '19 was amazing. In 3 groups, we had just an hour to prepare a short 5 minute performance. We were given a script and had to design the show, get props and costume together and work out a lighting plot. After a quick rehearsal, each group performed our piece on the stage - script in hand thank goodness. Before we started (but sadly before everyone had arrived), we had time for a quick end of term group photo with our special guest, Razz Ted. Great work everyone.


After our pantomime, Alice in Wonderland, we began work on our 2019 programme. This included sessions on Makeup, Stage combat, Backstage work and many more - all working towards another showcase of our work on 11 July. We can assure parents that no children were harmed in our session on makeup........


Our last session of 2018 was quite short but intensive. We worked on mime and mask work, using the masks provided by a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner's Property Fund. The session concluded with a short showcase for family members on Thusday 18 October. Here are some photos from the mask work ...


After much hard work and preparation during the term, GADS Youth Theatre Group concluded for the summer with a showcase of their work.

On Sat 14 July 2018 at 7pm, YTG performed Richard George’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s "James and the Giant Peach". The performance was mainly for friends and family of YTG members, but was also be open to members of the general public.

Click the Peach for some photos.


The GADS Youth Theatre Group was founded by its first Director, Tom Morath, who was an inspiration to so many in the YT Group and to other GADS members.  Sadly (for us anyway) Tom has moved away from the area to a new job, but the show must go on and from early 2017 the group is now being led by Tosh McGregor.


Thanks to a very generous donation from the Police and Crime Commissioner's Community Fund, we have been able to buy some professional theatre masks for the Youth Theatre Group.  Here is our local Police Community Support Officer, Dawn Lowerson, presenting the masks to the group in October 2016.



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